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Priority delivery assurance within local city limits - Pick-ups and deliveries are done in 2 hours within local city limits, subject to terms and conditions..
Bulk Mailing of Cards - We facilitate bulk delivery of cards at special rates through this service for local cities throughout India.
Bulk Billing Services - We also handle delivery of invoices and statements, customized to specific instructions, according to bill periods.
Special International Packages - We offer all information regarding any query related to International courier services:
  A. Special rates for Special cities
  B. Documentation for Heavy Consignments
C. Priority Delivery of most Urgent Document to any part of the world through top international companies supported by their wide area of distribution, on special pricing.
Messenger Service Anywhere In India - In messenger service, we provide our messenger exclusively to carry your heavy consignments or urgent documents to any destination in India, subject to terms and conditions.
Express Service In domestic - In this service we provide time bound deliveries in some of the prominent cities of India on special charges.
Liason Work - This includes special services to all companies or to individuals of other cities in India and abroad for all type of liason work in Delhi & Mumbai. This service will be on annual contract. The payments will have to make on a monthly basis. This also includes e-mail services where we mediate through e-mail for such customers.
Bank Deposits and Postal Collections -In this service , we shall collect cheques from your office, for depositing in banks on a daily basis and, on your authorization , we will collect letters from the postal department on your behalf. Also, any similar service , which involves our manpower in the field, will be taken care of . This service will be provided on the basis of an annual contract with monthly payments.
Heavy Shipment by air and Rail Cargo Services - For heavy consignments, we have cargo service in flight as well as in train where the cost will be relatively less in comparison to courier service charges.
Special Discounts for Students and Senior Citizens - Under this scheme we will provide 20% to 25% discount on our service charges to all students and to senior citizens.
Business Opportunity - We offer services to anyone who is interested in starting their own courier service or would like to have our franchisee or is interested to associate in any other capacity. We will provide complete guidance or help to begin with.
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